What we do

ANSSI’s mission is to understand, prevent and coping with cyber risk.

Publish the 09 August 2022 Updated 13 November 2023

Created in 2009, French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) is the national authority for cyber security. Reporting to the Secretariat-General for Defence and National Security (SGDSN) placed under the authority of the Prime minister, it is positioned to deploy a comprehensive cyber security policy and ensure its coordination at inter-ministerial level. This policy focuses on defending the most critical public and private digital infrastructure. It is also aimed at all those involved in the country’s digital transformation, while promoting the conditions for a dialogue of trust at European and international levels.

  1. Knowing the cyber risk and anticipating technological developments
  • Developing and promoting expertise in the security of information technologies and systems.
  • Increasingand sharing knowledge on cyber threats.
  • Promoting a methodology for overall analysis and control of cyber risk.
  • Fostering innovation to offer a wild-range of solutions to be shared with the community of cyber security stakeholders.
  1. Developing a culture of cyber security and nurturing a pool of skills
  • Devising and promoting doctrine and good practices in the field of cyber security in all territories and sectors of activity.
  • Encouraging and participating in initiatives to inform and raise awareness among citizens.
  • Training public officials.
  • Enhancing the value of cyber security jobs and training courses, and attracting people to these future-oriented fields.
  1. Raising the level of cyber security
  • Informing and advising the government on the public policy to be implemented.
  • Supporting the State and critical operators in their efforts to improve their skills in cyber security.
  • Contributing to the development of a trusted digital ecosystem, and more broadly, encouraging the consideration of security in the digital industry for high quality and trustworthy solutions.
  • Designing or supporting normative and regulatory arrangements for cyber security.
  • Promoting France’s vision on cyber security and defending its interests in European and international fora.
  • Contributing to European and international work aimed at strengthening digital security and the stability of cyberspace.
  1. Defending information systems and responding to cyber attacks
  • Maintaining knowledge of the cyber threat and the state of digital security in the national ecosystem.
  • Developing and structuring the State’s detection capabilities.
  • Organising, at national level, assistance to victims of cyber attacks and making available tools to facilitate cyber crises preparedness and management at national and European levels (CSIRTs Network, CyCLONe, etc.)

To meet the increasingly complex and global cyber security challenges, ANSSI cooperates with many public.

The Expertise Department

The Expertise Department ensures ANSSI’s overall expertise and technical assistance mission

The Operations Department

Ensures, at the operational and tactical levels, the implementation of ANSSI's function as the authority for the defence of digital systems of interest to the Nation.

The Strategy Department

Contributes to the development and implementation of digital security public policy, communicates with ANSSI’s constituency and works to strengthen a network of key partners.

The Ressources Department

support the definition of ANSSI's needs, and the execution of its missions