The Operations Department

Ensures, at the operational and tactical levels, the implementation of ANSSI's function as the authority for the defence of digital systems of interest to the Nation.

Publish the 09 August 2022 Updated 11 October 2023

In this capacity, it carries out several missions:

  •  Acquiring, developing, capitalising on and sharing knowledge regarding cyberthreat, as well as vulnerabilities of the digital systems protected by the agency.
  • Designing and implementing the national capacity to detect computer attacks and to operate a Security Operation Centre for the benefit of government services.
  • Notifying the alerts reported to ANSSI to the concerned entities and responding to security incidents affecting sensitive systems in the ecosystem.
  • Responding to security incidents affecting the defended systems and addressing all major cyber attacks while counteracting their adverse effects and ensuring the implementation of remedial actions by the victims.

Reporting to the Operations Department, the CERT-FR provides incident management support to the agency's main beneficiaries (State sphere, CNI/OES, local entities, etc) in particular by responding to the cyberattacks against them. As a national CERT, it is the main international point of contact for any cyber incident affecting France, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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