The ANSSI delivers security labels to IT products such as encryption softwares to protect data on laptops, or information encrypting appliances, or smart cards for banking applications or electronic identity.

Publish the 09 August 2022 Updated 16 November 2023

The evaluations are performed by licensed laboratories which technical skills are verified through continuous monitoring. It is the responsibility of the sponsor who aims the certification of an IT product to choose a laboratory licensed by the ANSSI. The conducted evaluations’ quality, the vulnerability tests’ depth, the impartiality and independence of the evaluators are then recognized by a label called “certificate” that allows the publication in a catalog open to all.
Based on the international standard Common Criteria (ISO / IEC 15408), the certificate issued by the ANSSI, by delegation from the Prime Minister, benefits from an international recognition arragements.
In the field of defense applications, the ANSSI, the national information systems security authority, addressed the ability of some products to protect classified information, according to the results of an evaluation conducted by government laboratories.