Scientific publications

ANSSI's laboratories contribute to open research in the area of cybersecurity by publishing their results in journals and conferences in the field.

Publish the 09 August 2022 Updated 26 March 2024

Whist these publications are not an end in themselves, they allow for confirmation, through peer review, of the relevance of the research work conducted within the Agency, thereby enhancing the legitimacy of the analyses and technical recommendations that it may be called upon to formulate.

These publications may also provide useful scientific references to ANSSI’s industrial partners, such as private laboratories tasked with the evaluation of security products, as these may be able to find effectiveness analyses of certain attack techniques, or on the contrary certain counter-measures in these publications.

Furthermore, certain of ANSSI’s scientific publications fall within the scope of its awareness-raising and scientific research steering roles By highlighting issues or emerging research fields, they can draw the attention of the scientific community to these new factors and stimulate related research work. They also forge links between concrete feedback from agency missions and upstream scientific research, which could ultimately provide innovative solutions to the concerns that ANSSI agents confront on a daily basis.

Articles, books & papers 

ANSSI agents are active in the French and international scientific research communities through publications submitted to a number of international conferences and scientific journals and through regular discussions with their peers at symposiums.

These numerous contributions concern fields as varied as cryptography, side-channel attacks, electromagnetic interference, language security and fixed and mobile IT architecture security. They enable ANSSI agents to keep their expertise up to date and be recognised within the various scientific communities.

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