Publish the 09 August 2022 Updated 16 November 2023

Security VISA

At a time when risks indiscriminately affect government authorities, companies and individuals, it is crucial that each of us considers the benefits of this digitisation with respect to our digital security needs.


The ANSSI delivers security labels to IT products such as encryption softwares to protect data on laptops, or information encrypting appliances, or smart cards for banking applications or electronic identity.

Certified products

The ITSEC and CC certificates are available below.

Protection profiles

A protection profile defines a set of security objectives and requirements for a category of products that covers the security requirements common to several users.

Common Criteria Certification

Third party certification provides the client with independent and impartial confirmation that a product complies with a specification document or published technical specifications. These technical specifications may or may not be drafted within a normative framework.

International Agreements

The ANSSI has signed two mutual certificate recognition agreements