Guideline for a healthy information system in 42 measures

STRENGTHEN INFORMATION SYSTEM SECURITY IN 42 MEASURES! With its first edition released in January 2013, the Guideline for a Healthy Information System guide published by the national cybersecurity agency of France (ANSSI) is for public or private organizations equipped with an IT team or professionals whose mission is to ensure information system (IS) security. It stems from the observation that if the measures set out had been applied by the organizations concerned, the majority of cyberattacks which required intervention of the agency could have been avoided.

Publish the 13 October 2017 Updated 13 October 2017

This new edition has been updated as regards both new and growing technologies and practices, which must be addressed in terms of security (mobile working, separation of uses, etc.) and also the introduction of tools (indicators of a standard or strengthened level) to enlighten the reader in the appreciation of the specified measures. Although the purpose of this guide is not information security as such, applying the proposed measures maximises the security of the information system, the information cradle of your organization.


IS security is no longer optional

To this end, IS security stakes must come to occupy a similar level as the economic, strategic and even image concerns of decision makers. By contextualising the need, giving a reminder of the intended aim and responding to it by applying the corresponding concrete measure, this document is a roadmap which is in the interest of all organizations aware of the value of their data.