ANSSI and NISC sign their first cooperation agreement for cybersecurity

While in Singapore, ANSSI met with its Japanese counterpart, the National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) to sign the first cooperation agreement in the cybersecurity realm.

Publish the 02 October 2019 Updated 02 October 2019

The signature of the first agreement demonstrates the interest for both entities, represented by M. Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI, and M. Tomoo Yamauchi, Deputy Director-General of NISC, to pave the way for an increased cooperation in cybersecurity.
The cooperation agreement calls on both countries to discuss a major issue they face: the security challenges of hosting large international cultural and sporting events, regarding cyber risks.

History shows that this kind of gathering, with people from all over the world, may lead to an increase of cyber threats targeting organizers and participants. France and Japan are both planning on hosting in the coming years, or hosting already, major sporting events: the Rugby World cup and the Olympics and Paralympic Games.
With this cooperation agreement, both countries are eager to enhance a dialogue to tackle together the cybersecurity challenges risen by such event in an ever-changing and complex digital environment.